Thursday, 25 June 2009

A few pics of the weekend

Made of awesomeness

Also posted on the Lampeter Wargames Blog

Made of awesomeness and dipped in win that is the only way to describe the weekend I have just had, on over the next week or so I plan on getting some more article up taking about different bits of it but for now I thought I would just give an over view of the people and the weekend.
What we did,


Moved house.


Nids Vs Brotherhood - 1600
40k Brotherhood - Halysist Faction 2000


Orks - Brotherhood - 3000
Dr Who - Unit - Dalkes – 20
40k - Brotherhood - Nids - Peaces keepers - Orks – (4 way) 1000


40k – Brotherhood – Orks 1500
Photos seasons


Military teamed boating trip (left at 9am sank at 5.30pm back at 1.30 am)

The people,
Me, Robert (Wargames President)
Louise (Wargames Treasures and my fiancée)
Next door
Mike (ex-President)
Carly (ex- Treasures) Our Guest
Biggles (The Diver)
Glyn – (Scientist, Space Cadet and Singer-Songwriter)

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Daleks are Comeing

Ok I know it been along time since I did some blogging I’ve got loads on the go and very soon there should be some more blogs going up about all manner of thing have a look at the slide show at the bottom of the page.

Anyway that all to come this is just a quick update to tell you that last night I placed an order for the following

There more info about it here

The reason I’m looking a different Games Is this I recently became president of my local war games club and in the election speak I said I would try to get a way from playing just GW game (as some of the members have asked for this) and Dr Who seamed a good place to start. I have found this web sit that seem to offer other systems for free that look

quite good to me.

However I you have a suggestion for non GW game pleas do tell.

Back to my main point looking around the web the would seem to be very little an this particular Dr Who game, so when it arrives I intend to keep up a photo diary from the moment I open it right the way thought learning to play.

One thing I should say now it a few weeks back I got a few copys of two issue of a kid magazine one week had 3 Darlkes the next 3 Cbermen so I have about 9 of each.

Friday, 13 March 2009

A bit of background

My force are basted on a forge world that has turned from that path of the false emperor and become beacon calling out to all those fighting against to forcers of emporia domination. Over time may different types of units have turned up from Russ’s to the might bulk of the The Cathedral of Corruption not to mention all the is produces on the world, each has a different allegiances may just barter for a refit and free supplies before moving on, but some stay over time a might warband’s have be built from the jetsam that has come to call this dark planet home, these warband’s mainly go out on raiding for supplies, slave fore the radiation mines being on the list, as well a fuel and ores to keep the war rolling.

One of the most fear of these warband’s is the disciples of the Cathedral flocking to the to the side of this might tower of doom many lesser warlords looking for glory have up them selves under the command of the Cathedral.

On the battle field The Cathedral of Corruption normal hangs back from the fight to better directed war, but if is need it can bring it might weight to bear on the front line crushing all beneath its titanic feet such intervention has proved decisive on may occasions but notably during the siege of Berhofthive.

Picture from

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Plaguereaper Part 2: “Roter of man”

Here is the first WIP photos of the first of my plaguereaper “Roter of man” sorry about the rubbish qualities stating to look like something like what I want it to look like

Plaguereaper Part 1

Before I stared out on the Great titan I thought that it would not be a bad thing to start on something a bit smaller, mmmm a plaguereaper maybe. I have adapted some grate plans from

So after about 2:30 I’ve almost fined every thing excepted the weapons and tracks am not shore if I should by the £15 Baneblade frame to get the weapons but I don’t know what to do about the tracks, there were a few important things I learnt

1. A few sallow cuts are much better than a deep one
2. Planning saves the day
3. masking tape help give a good shape

There are some tools that I need to get

1. Steel ruler
2. something to cut circle out easily
3. a cutting mat

but other than that its going very well and I hope to have the hole company of plaguerpers build up soon

Monday, 9 March 2009

A Question of Size

Ok so how big should the biggest of the titans? be there a couple of things to base this off first the fluff as far a I can it just say big, ok so time for something more usefully each of the apoc dater sheets comes whit as size comparison from which we can see that a

Emperor = 3.6 warhound which in turn is the same as = 6 ish guards men

So time for that GCSE math’s and a tape, a Guard is 3cm tall so

3 X 6 = 18 X 3.6 = 65

Another way to solve this problem is to look at the size given on the fore world web site i.e. a warhound is 25cm tall

25 X 3.6 =90

So what could explain the deferens in height between the two warhounds it could be that GW or may have made some error but I think it far more likely that there made by different forge worlds.


Size range of about 65-90 cm
Different fore world do things differently so as long as it tower over the battle fieal it doesn’t matter

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Clash of Titans

For some time know iv been look for a new army to star but not having any money is sort of making that hard, so I been going to the background looking for inspiration and it finally come.

A rouge forge world harbouring traitors from all over the emporium in effect a chaos armoured company, so how dose this help with the hole lack of money problem? Well most of it will be scratch build from card.

To lead the might forces of the yet unnamed forge world will need some thing a bit special, a combined fighting unit and chapel of corruption well that’s when I came a cross

Which has simple looking plans (why do I feel I’m going to regret that?) for the two monster bellow.

These to look great but not as I’m imaging my tower beast so bring on more picture and more inspiration.

From left to right

  1. Proof that it can be done a 40k sized titan from
  2. Blest by the Dark Gods an Imperatorn titan from Epic I’m hoping a lot of this will be evident in the finished pieces
  3. Ok so this one is the normal epic beast my main problem is the size of the head
  4. To give it some realism I want to have a lot of the weapons and there crew exposed, and lots of detail from forge world

So all that left now is to start