Friday, 13 March 2009

A bit of background

My force are basted on a forge world that has turned from that path of the false emperor and become beacon calling out to all those fighting against to forcers of emporia domination. Over time may different types of units have turned up from Russ’s to the might bulk of the The Cathedral of Corruption not to mention all the is produces on the world, each has a different allegiances may just barter for a refit and free supplies before moving on, but some stay over time a might warband’s have be built from the jetsam that has come to call this dark planet home, these warband’s mainly go out on raiding for supplies, slave fore the radiation mines being on the list, as well a fuel and ores to keep the war rolling.

One of the most fear of these warband’s is the disciples of the Cathedral flocking to the to the side of this might tower of doom many lesser warlords looking for glory have up them selves under the command of the Cathedral.

On the battle field The Cathedral of Corruption normal hangs back from the fight to better directed war, but if is need it can bring it might weight to bear on the front line crushing all beneath its titanic feet such intervention has proved decisive on may occasions but notably during the siege of Berhofthive.

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