Friday, 24 April 2009

The Daleks are Comeing

Ok I know it been along time since I did some blogging I’ve got loads on the go and very soon there should be some more blogs going up about all manner of thing have a look at the slide show at the bottom of the page.

Anyway that all to come this is just a quick update to tell you that last night I placed an order for the following

There more info about it here

The reason I’m looking a different Games Is this I recently became president of my local war games club and in the election speak I said I would try to get a way from playing just GW game (as some of the members have asked for this) and Dr Who seamed a good place to start. I have found this web sit that seem to offer other systems for free that look

quite good to me.

However I you have a suggestion for non GW game pleas do tell.

Back to my main point looking around the web the would seem to be very little an this particular Dr Who game, so when it arrives I intend to keep up a photo diary from the moment I open it right the way thought learning to play.

One thing I should say now it a few weeks back I got a few copys of two issue of a kid magazine one week had 3 Darlkes the next 3 Cbermen so I have about 9 of each.

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