Thursday, 25 June 2009

Made of awesomeness

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Made of awesomeness and dipped in win that is the only way to describe the weekend I have just had, on over the next week or so I plan on getting some more article up taking about different bits of it but for now I thought I would just give an over view of the people and the weekend.
What we did,


Moved house.


Nids Vs Brotherhood - 1600
40k Brotherhood - Halysist Faction 2000


Orks - Brotherhood - 3000
Dr Who - Unit - Dalkes – 20
40k - Brotherhood - Nids - Peaces keepers - Orks – (4 way) 1000


40k – Brotherhood – Orks 1500
Photos seasons


Military teamed boating trip (left at 9am sank at 5.30pm back at 1.30 am)

The people,
Me, Robert (Wargames President)
Louise (Wargames Treasures and my fiancée)
Next door
Mike (ex-President)
Carly (ex- Treasures) Our Guest
Biggles (The Diver)
Glyn – (Scientist, Space Cadet and Singer-Songwriter)

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