Monday, 9 March 2009

A Question of Size

Ok so how big should the biggest of the titans? be there a couple of things to base this off first the fluff as far a I can it just say big, ok so time for something more usefully each of the apoc dater sheets comes whit as size comparison from which we can see that a

Emperor = 3.6 warhound which in turn is the same as = 6 ish guards men

So time for that GCSE math’s and a tape, a Guard is 3cm tall so

3 X 6 = 18 X 3.6 = 65

Another way to solve this problem is to look at the size given on the fore world web site i.e. a warhound is 25cm tall

25 X 3.6 =90

So what could explain the deferens in height between the two warhounds it could be that GW or may have made some error but I think it far more likely that there made by different forge worlds.


Size range of about 65-90 cm
Different fore world do things differently so as long as it tower over the battle fieal it doesn’t matter

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