Saturday, 7 March 2009

Clash of Titans

For some time know iv been look for a new army to star but not having any money is sort of making that hard, so I been going to the background looking for inspiration and it finally come.

A rouge forge world harbouring traitors from all over the emporium in effect a chaos armoured company, so how dose this help with the hole lack of money problem? Well most of it will be scratch build from card.

To lead the might forces of the yet unnamed forge world will need some thing a bit special, a combined fighting unit and chapel of corruption well that’s when I came a cross

Which has simple looking plans (why do I feel I’m going to regret that?) for the two monster bellow.

These to look great but not as I’m imaging my tower beast so bring on more picture and more inspiration.

From left to right

  1. Proof that it can be done a 40k sized titan from
  2. Blest by the Dark Gods an Imperatorn titan from Epic I’m hoping a lot of this will be evident in the finished pieces
  3. Ok so this one is the normal epic beast my main problem is the size of the head
  4. To give it some realism I want to have a lot of the weapons and there crew exposed, and lots of detail from forge world

So all that left now is to start

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